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Monday, November 9, 2015

Reseller Web Hosting Guide

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Reseller Web Hosting Guide
Reseller web hosting is a lot of potential for making money online. With little effort and investment, one can earn good profits.
Domain name:
First buy a domain name that represents your identity. The domain name should be relevant to web hosting. It is better to buy old domain name auction to say gain credibility. Many visitors are reluctant to sign with a new company. A former field area will increase your credibility.
Create a website:
Make your website user friendly, easy to navigate. You can use free web hosting templates available online for your website, or you can purchase a custom design for your website.
Do not copy content from other sites, write your own simple sentences to express your services.
Buy a hosting account:

Buy a hosting account of any good reseller hosting provider. Try to buy a cheap hosting account to save initial cost. Buy account base at first, once you have customers upgrade your existing account to the next level.
Make packages:
Make packages WHM, assign a quota to each account, set your own price for each package. You can create a hosting account for your WHM customer allocation appropriate package.
Promote your business:

Once your website is complete, it is now time to promote your website. Start spreading your accommodation to friends and the local community. Join webmaster forums, meet relevant thread for web hosting, announcing weekly specials in the supply section. Place your link within the space of hosting signature in forums.

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world of hosting

world of hosting

world of hosting